A list of search terms used by people who have ended up on this blog:

dishwasher dogs adverts
donald o hebb sensory deprivation experiment
i like boring things… line from up
wicked zinger tower meal
currys dishwasher advert poster
currys advert dishwasher
dishwashers advert
i like boring things james
desmond morris status sex
currys dishwasher advert
kfc zinger burger go large
square colouring
currys dishwasher advert
currys dishwasher
i’m a boring man with a lot of boring things to say
currys urgently need a dishwasher
my life in pens i like boring things
good sensory deprivation headphones
currys need a dishwasher advert
rob gannon kingston, on pepsi
i like boring things
buy staedtler stick 430 m gt britain
currys next day delivery advert
currys advert urgently need a new dishwasher
currys dishwasher advert
i like boring things
kfc zinger burger box meal
urgently in need of a dishwasher currys
does the 69 bus go to leyton mills
currys dog poster advert
how much is a zinger tower meal from kfc
desmond morris masturbation
boring things
zinger burger contents
“boring things”
currys dishwasher poster
home made sensory deprivation
currys advert dog licking plate
kfc zinger meal add
inside the black box sensory deprivation
advert currys dog licking plate
“need a dishwasher” currys advert dog
urgently need a dishwasher currys
“bic cristal”
need new dishwasher advert dog licking plate
colouring in competitions august 2009
zinger burger describe
panic sensory deprivation
status and superstatus by desmond morris
urgently need a dishwasher currys ad
“worcester park”
i like boring things
currys need a dishwasher urgently dog
kfc wicked zinger box meal
zinger tower wicked meal
latest currys advert urgently need a dishwasher
blogs on kfc zinger burger
urgently need a dishwasher delivery
“pret a manger”
currys “need a dishwasher”
picture of elderly person drinking out of paper cup
bent nib
desmond morris+on aggression

I think it’s safe to say that every single one of these people was disappointed.


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