Episode One – Mr Lowery makes a big sale. Later, Marion feels unwell – but is that the only reason she asks for the rest of the afternoon off?

Episode Two – Marion seems to regret her impulsive decision, but will she regret choosing staying at the sleepy Bates Motel even more? Meanwhile, Norman struggles to live up to his mother’s expectations.

Episode Three – When Marion doesn’t turn up for work on Monday, Mr Lowery wants some answers. He’s not the only one – Mr Cassidy wants to know where his money is and asks Arbogast to investigate.

Episode Four – Marion’s boyfriend Sam, and her sister, Lila, start to get worried when Arbogast doesn’t get in touch. They think Norman’s mother is involved, but Deputy Sheriff Chambers assures them she can’t be…

Episode Five – Norman has some explaining to do to Sam, while Lila goes to speak to his mother.

Episode Six – Sam and Lila are shocked to discover just how close Norman and his mother really are.

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