Following on from my earlier post, I sent an email to Bostik regarding their claim that Blu-Tack has “1000s of uses”. Actually, I didn’t email them, as I couldn’t find an email address on their website, so instead I filled out the form on their Contact Us page.

This was the message I wrote:

According to your packaging, Blu-Tack has “1000s of uses”. Having looked at your website, in particular the “Anything you can imagine” page, I have managed to piece together a list of thirty-nine individual uses for  Blu-Tack. You don’t need me to tell you this falls some way short of your bold claim. Please can you send me a list of at least 1,969 additional uses for Blu-Tack.

Thank you in anticipation,
James Ward

It was just a short message, I understand they must be busy people and so didn’t want to waste their time. They’ve got work to do, they have commitments. As I’m sure you know, adhesives and sealants are a very dynamic technological field. I didn’t want to distract them from their efforts designing adhesives and sealants capable of achieving increasingly higher performance, versatility, cost-effectiveness, and in building into their adhesives additional functional properties besides the mere ability to bond together two different substrates. We’re talking about Blu-Tack here, this is important work. They recently developed Blu-Tack which is actually yellow. I don’t want to stand in the way of innovations like this.

Today, I received a reply from Bostik:

Thank you for your Email regarding Bostik Blu-Tack® and thousands of uses.

We don’t have a list of all the uses of Bostik Blu-tack® as the list could be endless. Bostik Blu-tack® has been around now for over thirty years and we still receive letters from people about the product and other uses they have found for the product.

Kind regards
Technical Team

This is far from satisfactory.

What they are apparently suggesting is that far from only having “1000s of uses”, there is, in fact, potentially an infinite amount of uses for Blu-Tack. And yet, even after looking at their website, I have only been able to find 41 uses for Blu-Tack – since I sent the original email, I have added two to the list; stabilising pieces on a game board (thank you Alex S) and for use in the production of low-budget stop-motion films.

If, as they claim, they have over thirty years’ worth of letters from members of the public suggesting potential uses for Blu-Tack, why are they keeping this information private? Why aren’t they sharing it with everyone, so we can all benefit?

I’m considering submitting a Freedom of Information request so that this list is made public.

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