I’ve already written about what happened at Stationery Club, but there are still a couple more things I wanted to say on the subject.

As I mentioned in the very first Stationery Club post, the idea came from @wowser creating the #stationeryclub hashtag on Twitter and me deciding it would be nice to turn it into an actual, real-life club. I bashed out the original post without really giving it much thought, and indeed organised the whole thing without really trying to ensure all of the details were in place. I thought if I spent too long making sure everything was right before announcing it, I’d never actually do it. This way, I committed myself and couldn’t back out.

And so, yes, there are certain things I’d change and will change for next time. Although quite a few people bought and used the Stabilo Bionic Worker, it was perhaps a bit optimistic to hope that everyone who turned up would be interested in talking about the virtues of a single pen for about two hours. Next time, I think the discussion should have a wider focus. “Notebooks” was suggested as a possible topic (Moleskine vs Silvine; plain vs ruled vs squared; spiral bound vs stitched vs stapled).

The choice of venue was based largely on the fact that it’s round the corner from where I work and usually isn’t too busy. It turned out perhaps Thursday wasn’t a great night to pick, and actually, it was a bit busy. So busy in fact, I had to send an emergency tweet telling people to go upstairs (apologies to anyone who turned up, couldn’t see us and left, we were upstairs. Next time, use a bit of initiative).

I genuinely had no idea how many people were coming and sort of expected around half a dozen. Eight at a push. The fact that twenty lovely people turned up meant it was a bit difficult to hear what people were saying; had we the whole room to ourselves (and a gavel), it might have been easier to conduct the meeting. Next time I might book a room somewhere.

There are lessons to be learned and changes to be made, But I’m glad I did it.

I’m looking forward to Stationery Club No.2.

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