Following my last post, I sent Sabha an email asking if she was OK:

Hi Sabha,

Thanks for your email. If only it could have been better news, although I wish the successful candidate the very best of luck.

As you suggest, I will continue to look at your careers websites to see if any opportunities come up which may be better suited to my skills and abilities, and I thank you for your support.

However, I was a little bit concerned by one detail in your recent email. You appear to have signed the email “Kirsty Dunne”. A similar thing happened in an email I received from one of your colleagues, Toni Weston. Again, she signed her email “Kirsty Dunne”. This is most confusing, as I had previously received an email from Kirsty Dunne herself (at least I assume it was from Kirsty Dunne, as you can imagine, it is hard to tell exactly who is who).

I understand it must be stressful working in the Resourcing Team at Argos, but if two people in the same team are so overworked that they forget their own names, I think there is a problem.

Hope you’re OK – maybe ask if you can take some time off work?

Kind regards,

I got an Out-Of-Office reply:

Thank you for your e-mail. This email is no longer active…

No longer active? What has happened to Sabha? What has Kirsty Dunne done? This is more serious than I thought.


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