Despite having received an answer (of sorts) in relation to my Argos query, there are still a number of job applications outstanding.

As I mentioned a while ago, I was disturbed by one detail I noticed in a rejection email supposedly sent by Toni Weston, but signed by Kirsty Dunne.

I sent Toni an email shortly afterwards asking if everything was OK:

Hallo Toni,

Thanks for getting in touch regarding this position. It is a shame I was unsuccessful, but as you suggest, I will continue applying for other roles within the company. Hopefully one day, my luck will change. The main thing is that I don’t get disheartened and that I carry on trying.

However, I was a little bit concerned by the fact you signed your email “Kirsty Dunne”. I hope the strain of working in the Resourcing Team at Argos isn’t getting too much for you, Toni. Perhaps you should take a bit of time off to rest. Have a short holiday to get away from it all and relax.

Hope you’re OK.

Kind regards,

I didn’t hear back from Toni. I can only assume she followed my advice and has taken some time off work. It would have been nice if she’d let me know she was OK though.

Yesterday, I got another email from Argos. This time, from someone called Sabha Subedar. Again however, it was signed Kirsty Dunne:

There is something weird going on here. Kirsty Dunne seems to be a malevolent force. I think I might have to go to Milton Keynes to investigate.

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