Yesterday, I noticed that the Copenhagen tourist board had launched a new campaign aimed at attracting UK visitors to the city:

Copenhagen – open for you.

The main idea behind the campaign seems to be the fact that the word “Copenhagen” contains the word “open” (it’s between the “C” and the “h”).

A few years ago, Visit London had a similar campaign:

Totally London

Here, the campaign tried to make people aware of the fact that the word “London” contains the word “on” (it’s just at the end there).

It seems if a place has another word embedded in its name, that’s really good and people will want to visit that place. They can boast to their friends “I went to Copenhagen last week. The word ‘Copenhagen’ contains the word ‘open’!”

Always happy to help other people, I decided to develop some ideas of my own. Anyone reading this who happens to work in the relevant tourist boards (“tourISt”) is welcome to use them (please email to negotiate a fee).

The first few were quite simple, and followed on from the Totally London theme:

The next batch move away from the “on” theme, and centre around words like “is” and “in”:

This one cleverly combines both an “it” and an “in”:

Here, the majority of the word has been highlighted:

With these ones, I’ve taken a bit of liberty with the spelling, but I think it’s justified:

The principle could also be applied to countries which perhaps aren’t quite so attractive to tourists:

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