A month or so ago, I won a trip to New York.

Someone on Twitter had alerted me to this competition and suggested I should enter. The competition was looking for a blogger to go to New York and write about the trip. All you had to do was write one hundred words about what sort of stuff you would write about. I basically wrote that if I went to New York, I’d probably focus on things and spot things which most of other people either might not notice, or if they did notice, they wouldn’t bother writing about them. I think that’s probably true.

I didn’t give it much thought to be honest, but I was quite excited when I got shortlisted. The next stage was a vote on Twitter. Apparently here I took an early lead, but about a day or so in, I thought the competition had been lost and pretty much gave up all hope. However, it seems my early lead was enough to keep me ahead and I won. Hurrah.

Then, Eyjafjallajokull erupted and all flights out of the UK were halted. This included the flight I was supposed to be on. In many ways, this was actually a blessing. There was a very short period of time between winning the competition and when the original trip was planned, and I was also in the process of moving house and all sorts of other things.

And now the trip has been rescheduled. A limo is picking me up from my house on the morning of June 29th and I come back a couple of days later on the 2nd of July. I’m quite excited.

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