The competition is closed.

I will list the entries below (some people also included supporting statements). So that the entries are based purely on their merits and it doesn’t turn into a popularity contest, I won’t include the name of each entrant.

  • B0nv3rw4ng
  • bumb@g
  • Spamnugget9
  • 7e2fabrUfRes9aju
  • J4m3sw4rd1s4Cun7 ((please don’t take it personally – it is just that J4a3sW4rd1s4w3s0m3 is too long. You should talk to your IT department about being allowed having longer passwords)
  • qwertyuiop123 (I think you will find it very fun to type in each day. Any run is fine, it’s just the run of the finger that is so enjoyable…)
  • rdoecrkkmoemammiasdseaurs (It’s the words “Rock Me Amadeus” interspersed with “Der Kommissar”. Possibly unnecessarily complex.)
  • naufragous3141 (Because I nearly wrecked your competition, and pi represents the supreme order of the universe)
  • Agad00d00d00
  • Itsnotlike66
  • som3thingc1ever
  • probab1yobvious
  • porpoise69 (or if you prefer: p0rp01se)
  • hi124q-iknowudo
  • VUVU237A (woulld remind you of the fun times you’re having enjoying the footie)
  • knucklehead22 (I have just got from NYC & you are going soon, by entry for your competition is the word knucklehead. Its my new favourite word and am using it a lot. As your strict competition guidelines require a number too, I therefore enter “knucklehead22” as 2 is my lucky number so I use it twice)
  • fuckyou1Tscum (My entries reflect my somewhat bleak outlook today)
  • time2gohomeyet
  • w0rk-ennui-death (the “o” of work is a zero)
  • workme2death
  • today1willsmile (a happy one, which might cheer you up when you log in at work)
  • iamhansh0lzel
  • confidential45
  • NewYork2010
  • 6accdae13eff7i3l (or 9n4o4qrr4s8t12ux – taken as a whole this is Newton’s Fundamental Anagram of Calculus, so really quite easy to remember…)
  • ia500280 (It’s the username section of the first email address I ever had in 1995. It seems a shame that nobody uses it any more)
  • xmh7du_ (This was the first randomly generated password given to me in 2001 for my first three months of logging in at University of Wales, Institute, Cardiff. Although appearing to be a series of randomly generated numbers and symbols the joy, once learned, is in the rhythm of its input, especially the unique employment of the shift key right at the end like the final flurry at the end of a signature. Please enjoy and pass on once expired.)
  • 3,2,1,LIFTOFF
  • iam1ornafiorini (I consider this a challenge to your identity)
  • Sunjammer63
  • Tw1tfac3
  • PUSHOCK (the name of my granny’s favourite cat. And also a great Russian writer)
  • 100saucysausages
  • B00BELASTIC (the two ‘O’s in ‘B00B’ are cunningly disguised zeros. The frisson you will feel typing that into your computer using your keyboard every day for 45 days will be unbeatable)
  • 1MONKEYPUZZLE (My suggestion is simple: it is based on the best-named tree in the entire universe. And to fulfill the ‘number’ requirement, I have inserted the number 1 – naturally – to reflect how amazing this tree is, and the place it holds in the Unofficial ChartIlovemyjob123 – for someone happier with little imagaination Of Trees In The Cosmos. Remember, 1 in 5 facts on Wikipedia are true. From this you can surmise that the tree is not a fossil, but it is possibly the national tree of Chile. Possibly.)
  • whalebottom42
  • ZX5pectrum
  • flanelviceroy64 (Imagine a world where there is a country called Flanel, but it’s colony of a greater power like the Fairy Liquid Empire. The Fairy Liquid Empire would have to install a viceroy in Flanel to look after their interests, the Flanel Viceroy. I just like the number 64. Every time you type this password in, you can pause to remember the struggles of the people of Flanel while under the Flanel Viceroy. I’m not how it will make you feel, but it’s important to remember, every day)
  • 1dogeeseseegod1
  • JamesWardisK1ng (if you haven’t already used that before)
  • vuvuzelatron
  • ring08457909090 (This is the national number for the Samaritans. I’m not necessarily suggesting you feel suicidal now, but one day you might and – if I win – then by that time my emergency password will have imprinted itself on your memory and will thus save your life. I wish you peace and happiness)
  • Ihatemyjob123 (for someone miserable with little imagination)
  • Ilovemyjob123 (for someone happier with little imagaination)
  • 1willnotdietoday (for a positive start to every day)
  • Don’tkillme666 (for someone who is possessed)
  • “”__0.0__”” (for someone who is ‘non-verbal’)
  • PASSWORD123 (for someone who is both deaf and unimaginative)
  • Iamhavingsex69 (to make your IT dept. jealous. They will not be having any)
  • 1manwenttomow
  • 2littleboys
  • 3isthemagicno
  • 4fuckssake
  • 5liveiscrap
  • 6itupbigboy
  • 7seasofrye
  • 8myheartout
  • 99herrkapitain
  • 1isindespair (for someone posh who is in despair)
  • 1oveisthedrug (because you love Bryan Ferry)
  • 1oveisintheair (to get a nice keyboardy sound in your head for the whole day)
  • 2beornottobe? (to make people think you are educated)
  • 1woulddoAquagirl (because sometimes everybody gets lonely and loses their taste in music)
  • Ifdon’twin1cutu (because I am very competitive)
  • shesgot1egs (because she probably has)
  • hesgot1egs (as above)
  • 2manypasswords
  • arg0swannabeam1
  • Antig0ne (In the vein of any one of these having such a transitory 45-day existence, I decided on a tragic theme. You could capitalise the first letter as I have here or leave as an “a”)
  • Beren1ce (Again, feel free to drop the capitalisation I have used. This could save you valuable time, avoiding use of the caps lock key or shift button on your computer at work)
  • Desd3mona (for the more homegrown, Stratfordian early-17th Century feel)
  • setsquare45 (I thought that since you like stationary, your password could be: setsquare45. It isn’t very exciting I know and probably won’t get chosen but it’s worth a try. Hope you are well)
  • horsehorse84 (I understand that this will go to a public vote but I can’t help but try and justify my suggestion. I find that it’s nicely spread around the keyboard (well QWERTY at least, I have not tested it on Dvorak) – it doesn’t use any letters from the bottom row but I think it gets away with it. Repitition in passwords is unorthadox and is seen as a little unsecure, but for the confident user this shouldn’t pose a problem – it scores a solid “Medium” under most password security tests. That’s enough, isn’t it? Not to mention that at twelve characters long its percieved complexity is intimidating to the casual over-shoulder watcher. The numbers at the end of ‘horsehorse84’ are more or less arbitrary, although I do like it to end with a “four” – it just sounds right. I have suggested ‘eight’ and ‘four’ because I feel they make the experience of typing it more tactile. It’s a great password to say (in private, obviously), try it now. Nice, isn’t it? You could almost imagine it written in an ‘edgy’ font all over a cheap Burton tshirt, which I find endearing. Take a Medium security risk and I promise you that the on the 5th of August you’ll be saying an emotional goodbye to a cherished friend. p.s For the record, I am indifferent to horses)
  • Vuvu5ela
  • PR1TT-5T1CK
  • freud8hamlet
  • iamjameswardspassword (I like the utilitarianism of it, though as it’s 21 characters you are probably going to hate me after 45 days if you choose it)
  • 1ajwa1bls1d (which you can remember with the handy sentence “I am James Ward and I bloody love stationery I do” where all the ‘i’s are ‘1’s. I enjoyed this 5 minutes of thinking about it)
  • ana11yrap3d (Give your 45 days a frisson of danger, I mean, what if the sysadmin sees it?!)
  • shkiBBly808 (it’s whimsical, and would be sure to bring a smile to your face)
  • blobbleshk1B
  • shadenFr3ud3 (It brings a touch of the Cosmopolitan to your work login, as using a foreign word is sure to make any co-workers jealous of your jet set lifestyle)
  • iL0veArg0s (a motivational reminder of your aspirations; each time you type this in, you will feel a failure at not reaching your goal of employ within the Argos group, and will spur you on to try harder)
  • t5t5t5t5t5t5 (it’s like a game you can play with yourself: how quickly can you type it correctly?)
  • Il1keb0ring
  • IIIIlllllllllIIII1
  • FuckYouNetAdmin1
  • vuvuzelaboy99
  • thisismypassword1
  • password01 (or password02, password03 or password04 etc)
  • Fahrenheit9XI
  • Comedyfish123 (As I am surely always in uppermoist in your thoughts – see what I did there)
  • woohooholidaysoon (my cousin and I have the same method of choosing passwords, it is always our next holiday or trip – passwords I’ve had include soditimoff2SriLanka, hellyesVegas! and NakedVilla – sadly as I don’t know your next adventure/destination I can’t give you a specific word – unless you go for generic holiday theme, maybe woohooholidaysoon – but a daily reminder of upcoming fun will remind you why you go to work at all, a tiny cheer every time you log on)
  • bigB00b5 (Puerile but still makes me chuckle)
  • b0ringpassw0rd
  • d0ntcr4sh2day
  • i4mj4m3s
  • iajw7ilbt
  • arg0sm1ss10n
  • king0fpostits
  • 45daystogo
  • p1ss0ff
  • yren0itats
  • @#]&%$3fJ(n£~;dS (I would like you to have to type every day for the next 45 days)
  • Cribbens9000

Vote for your favourite! The poll closes at 11pm on Sunday!


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