Today I changed my password.

In reverse order, the top three results in my my password poll are as follows:

In third place, with 6% of the vote, is 5T@TIONERYC*nT (suggested by @liquid_city).

In second place, with 9% of the vote, is horsehorse84 (suggested by @thesouthpole).

But the WINNER, with 15% of the vote, is @#]&%$3fJ(n£~;dS which was suggested by @SeanWHughes. Congratulations Sean!

Unfortunately, the system at work didn’t seem to accept @#]&%$3fJ(n£~;dS as a password, and so I had to use horsehorse84 instead. Some may say this makes a mockery of the whole competition and the whole thing is a sham, and poor Sean has been robbed of his rightful victory. And yes, that is true. I apologise to you all, but most of all to Sean. Sorry Sean.


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