Most mornings, on my way into work, I pop into Crispins Food & Wine (where Twirls used to cost 65p but now cost 69p) to buy a croissant (49p). I eat this at my desk with a cup of tea (or, if the weather is hot as it has been for the last few days, a glass of cold water).

As well as croissants and Cadbury’s Twirls, Crispins stocks the same sort of stuff you’d expect to find in any convenience store – soft drinks, crisps, bread, milk, and 109 piece sewing kits.

I could imagine someone in central London finding a button has come loose on a jacket or something and deciding to pop into a shop to buy a needle and thread to reattach it. I can imagine realising the button has come off entirely and needing not only a needle and thread, but also a replacement button. A one hundred and nine piece sewing kit seems a bit excessive though.

It looks like it’s been there quite a long time without anyone buying it. Maybe one day someone will see it and decide it’s exactly what they need.

The sewing kit is £3.99, which works out at a reasonable 3.66p per piece.

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