The other day on Twitter, Karl Webster commented that he had seventeen days to finish his novel, always happy to help, I suggested he could name a character in the novel after me. He agreed, or at least said “I don’t see why not” but was concerned that I might not like the character named after me. This doesn’t concern me, as I don’t really like myself that much anyway.

This gave me an idea. I know quite a few writers. Maybe they could all name characters after me. Maybe there would be dozens of fictional James Wards living in dozens of fictional realities. I could become the most fictional man in the world. Some people have already suggested they don’t think I’m actually a real person, even people who have been in the same room as me aren’t convinced, so I’ve already got a good start.

A couple more people agreed, and at present, I am possibly appearing in two books currently being written, another being planned, and two scripts. It’s possible that the characters will be dropped, or the scripts will never get made, but that’s not the point. It means that there will exist, in some fictional universe, a number of different James Wards.

If you are a writer of some sort, please name a character after me. If you know someone who is a writer, please get them to name a character after me.

Make me fictional.

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