As I was walking through Waterloo station on my way home last night, I saw a big sign saying “Powwownow” and lots of people looking at something underneath it:

Actually, most of the people were looking at the departure boards to see which platform their train was leaving from, but some people were looking in the direction of the Powwownow thing.

As I got closer, I discovered what it was that the people were staring at. It was Jodie Marsh, sitting on a bed:

I didn’t really understand why Jodie Marsh was sitting on a bed in the middle of Waterloo station, so I tried to find out more. Apparently, three celebrities were going to speak to each other for twenty-four hours on a conference call:

I was very impressed by their clever wordplay. “Up for a three-way?” It makes it sound sexy. A ménage à trois. One member of the ménage was Jodie Marsh, but who could be members deux and trois?

Phil Tufnell and Patrick Monahan.

I wonder if when the people at Powwownow decided to get three celebrities to have a twenty-four hour conference call, this is what they had in mind. Was that their dream team?

“You know who would be perfect for this? If we could get anyone in the world, regardless of budget or availability, the three people who would be absolutely ideal: Jodie Marsh, Phil Tufnell and Patrick Monahan. If we could get those three people to do it, I think this will be a huge success.”

No-one at Powwownow ever said that. No-one in the world has ever said that.

You may not be particularly familiar with the work of Patrick Monahan. Fortunately, the “About” page on his website contains lots of helpful information:

As well as a regular TV & studio warm up – on shows such as ‘Friday Night Jonathan Ross’, ‘The IT Crowd’, ‘The Lenny Henry Show’, ‘Davina’, ‘Open House with Gloria Hunerford’, as well as a regular MC at selected venues on the comedy circuit.

He’s also appeared as a contributor to nine out of twelve episodes of Channel Five’s ‘That’s so Last Week’. He has also appeared on BBC’s Destination Unknown’, ‘Malai Monologues’ and as a panel member on the comedy quiz show ‘Sudoko Street Challenge’.

I bet the other three episodes of Channel Five’s “That’s So Last Week” were rubbish.

I still didn’t understand why Jodie Marsh was having a conference call with Phil Tufnell and Patrick Monahan on a bed in the middle of Waterloo station though. It was obviously to promote Powwownow, but I’d never heard of Powwownow. I assumed it was something to do with Powwow, the company which supplies water coolers to office buildings.

Powwownow are a company who offer free conference call facilities or something. They have a website for their “Up For A Three-Way?” campaign. The website features a live Twitter feed. This is was what the Twitter feed said when I just looked at it:

And this is the reason why:

EDIT: After posting this, I mentioned it on Twitter and a couple of people sent through pictures they’d taken of Phil Tufnell at Victoria station. I asked if anyone had a picture of Patrick Monahan at London Bridge, and was pleased to see the live Twitter feed still worked:

Also, I have been able to find the list of people who Powwownow originally considered before settling on Jodie Marsh, Phil Tufnell and Patrick Monahan:

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