I went to Sheffield this weekend to go to Interesting North.

We stayed in room 159 of the Leopold Hotel. It was a very nice room, but I was confused by the sink in the bathroom. Specifically, the plug:

I wasn’t sure how to allow the water in the sink to drain out. I assumed there might be a lever somewhere so that it would pop-up, but there wasn’t. I looked everywhere.

“Perhaps there are some instructions somewhere” I suggested. I looked through the various pamphlets and other literature the hotel had supplied. There weren’t any instructions. The Leopold Hotel expects its guests to use their own initiative when it comes to problem solving. They don’t treat you like babies, they don’t patronise you.

Eventually, I worked it out. The metal plug doesn’t pop up at all. It flips:

I had assumed it was a pop-up waste, when all along, it was a flip top basin waste:

With modern, minimalist bathroom designs becoming so popular today, this has brought to the forefront many freestanding bowls and wash basins with clean, smooth lines and no overflow. Quite often complemented by tall basin mixers or wall mounted basin taps without pop up wastes.

With this flip top basin waste the plug is operated by simply pushing down on one side.

I shall write to the Leopold Hotel and suggest it would be helpful if they could ensure that all flip-top wastes used in the bathrooms are left in the upright position before a new guest checks in.

This would avoid anyone else having to go through the confusion and panic I suffered on Friday afternoon.

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