I have just listened to Reception, a thirty minute comedy showcase on Radio 2:

Radio 2’s Comedy Showcase returns with Reception, an impressions show set behind the scenes at Radio 2 HQ, which features the fictional exploits of presenters and their celebrity guests.

Doing impressions on the radio has both advantages and disadvantages over doing them on television. On TV, you can rely on visual clues (hair and make up) to make it more obvious who the impression is supposed to be of. Obviously you can’t do this on the radio. While this means you don’t have to worry about whether or not you look like the person, it does mean you have to find other ways for listeners to work out who you are impersonating.

This is a list of the opening lines to each sketch featured in the programme. See if you can guess which celebrities were being impersonated in each sketch:

  • “Lily Allen’s walking down the road…”
  • “Good morning, how can I help you?” “I think the question is, my darling, how can I help you? I’ll tell you how, I’ve come to sprinkle a little bit of Louis Spence showbiz into your life…”
  • “Ah, yes it is PopMaster time again, and joining us today from Pinner in Middlesex is a chap called Sting…”
  • “Hoo-hah, this is Al Pacino…”
  • “It’s Jeremy Vine, Radio 2, and joining me today is a man we may not have heard much from in a while but is still very much at the forefront of British politics, former Prime Minister, Gordon Brown…”
  • “Hey, yeah, I’m Cheryl…”
  • “Oh, after you – did you have many applicants for the job?” Not many actually” “DOORS CLOSING – LIFT GOING UP” “Wow, do you have Alan Dedicoat doing the voice of the lift…”
  • “Er, yeah, hi, it’s Jo Wiley here and joining me in the Live Loft is U2…”
  • “Oh, who’s this cute little fellow?” “I’m Elton John…”
  • “It’s the Five Minute Business Round-Up on Radio 2 with me, Karen Brady…”
  • “Thanks for coming in Mr Holland…”
  • “Hi, welcome to Wonders Of The Solar System. I’m Professor Brian Cox…”
  • “This cubicle’s occupied!” “Shaky? Shakin’ Stevens? Are you in there?” “No!” “I know it’s you, Shakey” “Who is it?” “It’s Kate Bush…”
  • “It is no secret, that in my role as President Of The United States Of America…”
  • “Yeah, right, OK. I just can’t agree with the others on this. That was terrible. No substance, no pizzaz. “Well, Mr Cowell, you should have ordered the lasagna…”
  • “Oh my gosh, I don’t know what to say! I can’t believe I’m even here! Me! Little old Stacey Solomon…”


  • Lily Allen
  • Louis Spence
  • Sting
  • Al Pacino
  • Jeremy Vine and Gordon Brown
  • Cheryl Cole
  • Alan Dedicoat
  • Jo Wiley and U2
  • Elton John
  • Karen Brady
  • Jools Holland
  • Brian Cox
  • Shakin’ Stevens and Kate Bush
  • Barack Obama
  • Simon Cowell
  • Stacey Solomon


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