In 2017 I took Boring to the British Library, I left a job, I started a new job, I drank too much, I went on long walks on my own, I cried a lot, I laughed a lot, I performed in a puppet show and a pantomime, I went to Australia, I worried people, I scared people, I lied to people, I smashed my head into the pavement, I had an X-ray, I didn’t break any bones, I became completely hysterical after reading the description of an episode of Chef’s Table on Netflix, I visited Falco’s grave and had dinner in his favourite restaurant, I watched a lot of films, I stopped eating meat, I started eating meat again, I tried to eat less meat, I watched a small child roll down a hill, I moved to north London, I sat on buses, I sat on benches, I fell asleep on the sofa, I appeared in a men’s fashion magazine, I put up some shelves, I listened to a lot of podcasts, I listened to a lot of Brian Eno, I let people down, I fed some ducks, I ate Pringles, I drank peppermint tea, I went to Manchester, I went to Ramsgate, I went to Bath, I found out that ants live a surprisingly long time, I discovered the identity of Captain Coleslaw and I had trouble sleeping.

I’m glad it’s over.



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